Stouffer’s Lasagna Review: The Best Frozen Lasagna I Ever Had?

stouffers lasagna review

Lasagna is a classic Italian dish that many people around the world enjoy. And it’s my favorite dish! So I was excited to try Stouffer’s Lasagna because it is one of the most popular frozen lasagnas on the market.

So, how did it taste? In short, it was delicious! The pasta was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was flavorful and zesty. The cheese was also melted perfectly.

That’s why I decided to share my Stouffer’s Lasagna review with you! So let’s start with a bit of the background and history of Stouffer’s Lasagna…

What’s Stouffer’s Lasagna?

stouffers lasagna review

Stouffer’s lasagna is a frozen meal that you can find in the grocery store. It comes in both single-serve and family-size portions.

It is made with pasta, beef, and tomatoes and covered in cheese. It is a popular dish because it is relatively easy to make and can feed many people.

A Little History Of Stouffer’s Lasagna!

Stouffer’s is a brand of frozen foods that Abraham and Mahala Stouffer founded in 1922. The company is known for its quality frozen foods, and its lasagna is one of its most popular products.

In 1955, the firm began selling frozen macaroni and cheese meals. Stouffer’s meals are sold in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

Okay! I know you are a bit bored with this history and want to know whether Stouffer’s Lasagna is good or not. I will tell you in the next heading!

How Healthy Is Stouffer’s Lasagna?

Stouffer’s lasagna is a bit lower in calories and fat than some other brands of frozen lasagna, but it is still a reasonably healthy meal. One serving of Stouffer’s lasagna has 350 calories, 12 grams fat, and 6 grams saturated fat.

It also has 820 mg of sodium, which is relatively high. However, one serving of Stouffer’s lasagna also has 20 grams of protein, which is pretty good. So overall, it’s not a wrong choice if you’re looking for a healthy frozen meal.

Now that we know a bit about the history and nutritional value of Stouffer’s Lasagna. Let’s talk about how it tastes!

How Does The Stouffer’s Lasagna Taste?

I was surprised by how much I liked Stouffer’s lasagna. Of course, I expected it to be good, but I did not expect it to be as good as it was. The pasta was cooked perfectly, and the beef was very flavorful. The cheese was gooey and delicious. The sauce was also delicious. Overall, I was very impressed with the taste of Stouffer’s lasagna.

I mostly prefer less sauce and more cottage cheese, but this was a well-rounded dish. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a delicious frozen lasagna.

Which Is Better? Single Serve Or Family Size?

I think that both the single-serve and family-size portions are good options. A single-serve portion is a good option if you are cooking for yourself or looking for a quick meal. A family-size portion is a good option if you cook for a group or want leftovers.

Personally, I prefer the family-size portion because I think it tastes better when it is reheated. Plus, I love leftovers! But both options are good; it just depends on your preference.

To help you decide, I will compare the two sizes in terms of pricing, cooking time, and nutrition.


The single-serve portion of Stouffer’s lasagna costs about $3.50, and the family-size portion costs about $9.99. So, the single-serve portion is significantly cheaper.

But, of course, you get more food with the family-size portion. So, it just depends on how much food you want and how much you are willing to spend.

Cooking Time

The single-serve portion of Stouffer’s lasagna takes about 8 minutes to heat in the microwave and 20 minutes in the oven. The family-size portion takes about 60 minutes in the oven and about 25-30 minutes in the microwave.

I can’t hold myself for much if I am hungry, so I always choose to heat them in the microwave. But if you have time, try them in the oven! The noodles become crunchier, and the cheese melts better.


The single-serve portion of Stouffer’s lasagna has 350 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 6 grams of saturated fat. However, a family-size pack comes with five servings of 280 calories and 750 mg sodium.

Yes! The sodium content is high, but you get five servings in a family-size portion. So, if you are watching your sodium intake, you can eat one serving instead of the whole thing.

Overall, I think that both the single-serve and family-size portions are good options. It just depends on what you are looking for. If you want a quick and easy meal, go for the single-serve portion.

What’s My Verdict? Single Serve Or Family Size?

I find the family-size portion to be the better option overall. I think it tastes better, and you get more food for your money. Plus, I love leftovers!

Also, from experience, lasagna is more for the oven, and the family-size portion tastes yummy when heated in the oven for extended periods. At the same time, single-serving lasagna dries out pretty quickly. So, in my opinion, go for the family-size!

But, if you are cooking for yourself or looking for a quick meal, the single-serve portion is a great option.

My First Experience!

I still remember the first time I ever had Stouffer’s lasagna. I was in college, and I was living in the dorms. One of my friends had bought a single-serve portion, and we cooked it together!

I appreciate how Stouffer’s Lasagna comes with clear instructions on the box. It is really easy to follow, and anyone can make it.

The lasagna turned out great! I was impressed with how delicious it was!

The sauce had a robust flavor, the cheese was rich and creamy, and the noodles were cooked al dente.

FAQs – About Stouffer’s Lasagna

Which Stouffer’s Lasagna is the best? 

There are a few different types of Stouffer’s lasagna, but I think the best one is the 2x the meat lasagna. It has a delicious meat sauce, and it is very filling.

It has this homemade taste to it that I just love!

How can I improve my Stouffer’s Lasagna taste?

If you want to improve the taste of your Stouffer’s lasagna, I would recommend heating it in the oven instead of the microwave. The oven will make the noodles crunchier, and the cheese will melt better.

Also, pair it with garlic bread and salad, and you have a delicious meal!

Can I make a meal out of Stouffer’s Lasagna?

Stouffer’s lasagna is a great meal by itself, but you can also dress it up with some sides. For example, add some mozzarella cheese on top, or serve it with a side of garlic bread, which tastes homemade!

You can also try it with casserole fish like salmon or shrimp.

Is the meat in Stouffer’s Lasagna precooked?

Yes, the meat is precooked. But it is not ready to eat meal. You still need to cook it according to the instructions on the box. Just cook them in the microwave for 9 minutes on high, or bake them in the oven for about an hour.

Stouffer’s Lasagna Review – Is It The Best Frozen Lasagna?

I have tried a lot of different lasagnas, including Stouffer’s hearty Meat Lover’s Lasagna, Mexican Style Lasagna, and very recently, I had the Aged Asiago Lasagna.

But, of all the lasagnas I have tried, Stouffer’s Lasagna Classic is still my favorite. It has the perfect balance of flavors, and the pasta is cooked just right. With flavorful sauce, creamy cheese, and perfectly cooked noodles, this lasagna dish is everything you could ask for.

So, if you are looking for a delicious and hearty meal, I highly recommend trying Stouffer’s Lasagna. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!