How to Cook Frozen Ravioli: The Most Convenient (and Delicious) Meal Ever

how to cook frozen ravioli

Ravioli is one of the simplest and most satisfying weeknight dishes. Ravioli tubes can be prepared in a number of ways. They just have to be blanched in hot water when made from scratch.

However, if you’re thinking about how to cook frozen ravioli, you may do so in a variety of methods for speed and convenience. You may also add a few ingredients to make them taste like you spent hours in the kitchen preparing them!

1. Boiling.

Boiling is the best technique to prepare frozen ravioli.

  • Simply grab the desired amount of ravioli and drop them into hot water without having to wait to thaw or defrost.
  • The cooking time for frozen ravioli is around 10-12 minutes, which is sufficient time for them to be well cooked. You may also simply wait for the ravioli to rise to the top of the saucepan to see whether they are done.
  • When the ravioli are done, dish them and pour the sauce over them. This may be a fast tomato sauce, a robust ragu, or even some pesto.

2. In microwave.

The perfect lazy supper is microwaved frozen ravioli. Microwavable ravioli bowls may be made and ready in a matter of minutes.

  • Take a frozen ravioli package. Put them in a big microwave-safe mixing bowl.
  • Fill the bowl with 2.5 glasses of water.
  • Cover the container with plastic wrap or cling film and poke holes in it with a fork or knife.
  • Microwave for 10 minutes on high, or until the ravioli is done through. To ensure equal cooking, interrupt the microwave halfway through and give the ravioli a thorough toss.
  • Remove them from the water using a sieve or slotted spoon.

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3. Baking.

  • Arrange the ravioli in a baking dish or casserole dish sprayed with olive oil. To make the dish more satisfying, pour a thick meat-based sauce on top. Then, place half of the shells on top of the sauce. After that, cover them with a thin coating of cheese.
  • Repeat the layering until all of your ravioli shells are taken. However, keep in mind that too much sauce might leave your completed dish mushy.
  • Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 30-40 minutes at 350°F in a preheated oven. Remove the cover and bake for 15 minutes more, or until the top is brown and the cheese is bubbling.
  • Allow the ravioli to rest for 10 minutes before serving, before cutting it into pieces and serving.

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4. Using an air fryer.

Looking for a crunchier ravioli? Deep frying things is an alternative, but who wants all the hefty calories? Instead, employ your air fryer to make a tasty ravioli meal that won’t make you gain weight.

  • To make this dish, thaw your ravioli and take them to room temperature. Pat things dry with kitchen towels before spritzing them with oil.
  • Prepare two plates, one with buttermilk and one with breadcrumbs. If you don’t have buttermilk, replace it with a tbsp of white lemon juice or vinegar per cup of full-fat milk. To make the meal more flavorful, season the breadcrumbs with a touch of salt and blended Italian spice.
  • Preheat the fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Dip each ravioli into the buttermilk and then into the breadcrumbs. Make sure the breadcrumbs cover each inch of the ravioli.
  • Cook them in a single layer in the air fryer for 3-5 minutes, layering the tops with oil midway through the frying time. This prevents the pasta pieces from drying out.
  • Take them from the air fryer when they are crunchy and golden brown.

The way to best frozen ravioli.

Ravioli can spare you from having to make several meals that you would otherwise need to prepare. Most grocery stores sell them frozen, with a variety of fillings ranging from cheeses to ham or spinach. Finally, as long as you prepare your ravioli correctly, they will taste excellent no matter how you make them.

Don’t be afraid to add your favorite seasonings and toppings to make them even more flavorful. However, keep in mind the sort of stuffing that your frozen ravioli already has.

FAQ- How to cook frozen ravioli

Is it necessary to thaw frozen ravioli prior to cooking?

No, defrosting frozen ravioli prior to cooking is not required, regardless of the method used.

Can I prepare frozen ravioli in the sauce?

It is not a great idea to cook frozen ravioli directly in the sauce you intend to serve them in. Because ravioli contains pasta, it will have to boil for a few minutes, particularly if cooked on the stove. And if you boil your ravioli in the sauces you wish to eat them with, the sauce will be overcooked.

I strongly advise cooking and adding your preferred sauce separately unless you want to thaw your ravioli. As a result, both meals have distinct flavors and may be enjoyed at the end of the cooking.