Green Giant Riced Cauliflower Review – My Honest Opinion!

green giant riced cauliflower review

If you are not a fan of whole cauliflowers and rice is way out of your diet plan, these riced cauliflowers will be a lifesaver for you! For cauliflowers to match the texture of rice, the grating has to be as fine as each grain. Also, the riced cauliflowers take on a unique taste from the added condiments, just like rice, and are a healthier option. 

I came across riced cauliflowers in the grocery aisle with no idea about how it will work out – but I’m not letting you buy one without reading this Green Gian Riced Cauliflower review first!

Do you want to know how the Green Giant Riced Cauliflower fares here? Then, read on for my in-depth review!

Green Giant Riced Cauliflower Review – The Basics

Green Giant Riced Cauliflower
green giant riced cauliflower review

The Great Giant Riced Cauliflowers are a product of B & G Foods, which are well known in the frozen foods industry because of processed, frozen, and packaged vegetables and other food items. In vegetables, the B & G foods frozen green beans and canned corn are customer favorites for a quick snack or readily available ingredients for a vegetable salad.

The Green Giant Riced Cauliflower has been made a healthier alternative to rice, and the cauliflower has no harmful preservatives or added flavors. You can have the vegetables as a whole meal because cauliflower is filling and delicious!

The cauliflowers are freshly sourced from farms with GMO-free production and are gluten-free and Kosher-certified. In addition, the Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers come in a recyclable bag, so you are giving back to the earth directly – no pollution!

Switch over to these riced cauliflowers as a carb and fat-free option over rice and bread!

Features Of The Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers

More Nutritious And Healthy Than Rice

The Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers are GMO and gluten-free and have 85% lesser calories than an equal serving of rice. So when substituting rice with riced cauliflowers, you get essential nutrition in place of the extra carbs and fat. There is no added seasoning so you can add it to recipes as per your taste. It’s 100% vegetables – what can go wrong?

No Preservatives Or Harmful Additives

The Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers are made from fresh cauliflowers – no seasoning, preservatives, or additives are included. The cauliflower remains fresh because it is frozen, not because of hidden preservatives.

Makes It Easy To Prepare Healthy Meals Quickly

Cauliflower is rich in vitamins and fiber, but it takes some time and effort to chop them into pieces – let alone rice grain-sized pieces. Instead of taking turns cutting and grinding the cauliflower, just buy the frozen Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers and enjoy the main dish or even a side dish of riced cauliflowers prepared in minutes!

Cauliflower Has Never Been This Delicious Before!

If you have children at home who just don’t want to have whole cauliflower pieces in recipes, you would be happy to find out unique ways to make them have cauliflower. Riced cauliflowers make tasty recipes that your children might not even notice the cauliflowers and enjoy to their heart’s content. Also, the riced form of cauliflowers doesn’t take away any nutrition from the vegetable, so you can rest assured that the Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers are as nutritious as the vegetable itself.

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My First Experience With The Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers

Cauliflowers are packed with nutrients, and I love them in every form. But, unfortunately, I am a working woman, and chopping cauliflowers and cooking them in record time is tough. Also, cauliflowers need to be fried or boiled correctly to avoid the raw taste in the dish – and half the time, I mess up the right timing at which I should stop frying or boiling it. So, I end up with undercooked or overcooked cauliflowers.

Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers have solved the problem of chopping up cauliflowers – but it has limited my space to play with the vegetable. In addition, the riced cauliflowers are too small to be included in most recipes, and it cooks unevenly while frying or sauteing.

While eating it, the authentic taste of fresh cauliflowers remains – despite the uneven cooking. Unfortunately, it comes without seasoning, and the uneven cooking; doesn’t taste extraordinary. A little bit of seasoning might have helped.

The overcooked parts became mushy, while the others remained crunchy. It would have been better if the brand chose a mediocre size from where the customers could have chosen to go for more minor ground pieces.

If you are looking for a healthy substitute for rice and are okay with mushy cauliflower recipes, the Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers will work for you. But, if you are more on the taste side, I would recommend you go for frozen cauliflower packs with larger pieces.

Will I Repurchase It?

Apart from the resemblance with rice and the plethora of nutrients packed in riced cauliflowers, they can inspire many quick recipes and are very easy to cook.

Green Giant has listed out instructions to cook the riced cauliflowers perfectly – you just have to follow them and cook in the microwave itself. They turn out to be softer than rice and a little mushy, but the texture won’t bother you because what you eat is the healthiest substitute for rice – without compromising on taste!

For the reasons listed above, I believe it is a worthy buy. Moreover, you can stock them in your refrigerator and make a quick meal even when you don’t want to cut vegetables.

Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers Would Make You Love Cauliflowers Even More!

Imagine a situation where you have a cart full of vegetables in your refrigerator and a pack of frozen Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers. What would you choose to make your next meal in minutes?

The Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers have not only proved themselves to be a worthy competitor of rice, but it has also changed the perception of people regarding cauliflower. Have you ever thought that eliminating the time involved in cutting cauliflower would make cooking so much easier? 

It is a godsend for people who want a nutritious meal within minutes but still haven’t figured out the proper method to avoid undercooking or overcooking it. For parents who just can’t make their children eat cauliflower-based dishes, this riced cauliflower will end up in their stomachs by will, even before they know what they are eating!

As per my experience, I would highly recommend the Green Giant Riced cauliflowers for quick everyday meal preparations. I would not recommend it for chef-style preparations because of its uneven texture after cooking – but I don’t think a chef would take the easy way out while cutting cauliflowers.

Choose the easy-to-prepare and tasty Green Giant Riced Cauliflowers today!