The Best Frozen Thin Crust Pizza Available: My Top 5 Picks

best frozen thin crust pizza

If you’re looking for something delicious and easy to bake, look no further than these five best frozen thin crust pizza brands. They’re all available at your nearby local store, so get ready, and let’s bake up some fantastic thin crust pizza tonight!

My Top Five Picks For The Best Frozen Thin Crust Pizza

1. Thin Crust Supreme Frozen Pizza by Tombstone

Thin Crust Supreme Frozen Pizza by Tombstone
Thin Crust Supreme Frozen Pizza by Tombstone
  • The Tombstone Supreme Pizza is one of the freshest and most delicious pizzas. I have ever tasted! This thin crust pizza is sustainably raised and hand-selected for its superior quality, making it the perfect choice for your next meal.
  • All portions are supremely packed with sausage and a quarter pound of real cheese, making it a protein-healthy option that will leave you feeling your best. Each cheesy slice is perfect for a satisfying meal, and they’re easy to prepare thanks to the skin-on frozen packaging that preserves full-on flavor and freshness.
  • This premade frozen thin crust pizza guarantees high levels of doughy crust freshness than store-bought ones. So, by all means, stock up your favorite thin crust pizza – shelf life can be made for up to nine months when refrigerated.

2. Thin and Crispy Crust Pepperoni Pizza by Red Baron

Thin and Crispy Crust Pepperoni Pizza by Red Baron
Thin and Crispy Crust Pepperoni Pizza by Red Baron
  • The pepperoni pizza from the Red Baron is one of the most decadent thin and crispy crust pizzas that have an excellent source of protein and no artificial flavors. Did you know that Red Baron started out by selling ice cream, which is now one of the country’s leading frozen pizzas brands?
  • Pizza can be quickly baked with no need to thaw. The preservative-free crust maintains the right amount of crunch- this keeps it real and helps to preserve the flavor. So, savor every moment of every single slice you serve.
  • Once you try this pizza, it’s hard to eat others. Just a freezer away right after you bake, making it the perfect quick and easy dinner.

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3. BBQ Crispy Chicken Thin Crust Pizza by California Pizza Kitchen

BBQ Crispy Chicken Thin Crust Pizza by California Pizza Kitchen
BBQ Crispy Chicken Thin Crust Pizza by California Pizza Kitchen
  • If you are a pizza lover, you’ll adore this thin crust frozen BBQ Chicken based crispy pizza! BBQ Chicken flavor is indeed very famous for its season grilled white meat chicken, cilantro, red onions, and mozzarella for a full-flavored taste. Furthermore, this pizza is full of tangy and sweet BBQ sauce with no artificial flavors and nutrition since it’s made with natural chicken raised without added hormones.
  • I love how every slice is seasoned with hickory-smoked gouda cheeses and individually flash frozen to preserve its delicious taste and quality. It’s also packed with the goodness of calcium and protein, making it an excellent choice for those looking to improve their overall health.
  • You can bake and serve it to your family and friends when they are over. I guarantee they will be asking for more!

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4. Thin & Crispy Uncured Pepperoni Pizza by Newman’s Own

Thin Crispy Uncured Pepperoni Pizza by Newman s Own
Thin & Crispy Uncured Pepperoni Pizza by Newman’s Own
  • This delicious package has everything you’ll need to create a delectable, nutritious dinner that the entire family will enjoy. It is made with sustainably uncured pepperoni to get the perfect crunch. Each thin multigrain crust is seasoned with whole milk mozzarella and flash-frozen to maintain its freshness, flavor, and nutrients.
  • Personally, I love how each package proudly supports helping kids with 100% profits. I think that’s what makes all the difference.
  • And because it’s frozen, it’s easy to cook up whenever you’re ready. Just thaw and cook according to the baking instructions detailed on the back of the package.
  • So whether you’re looking for an easy, weeknight snack option or want to impress your guests at your next dinner party, this frozen thin crust pizza pack has got you covered. The possibilities are endless! Get creative and try something new, or stick to your tried-and-true favorites.

5. Thin Crust Supreme Pizza by Whole Foods 365

Thin Crust Supreme Pizza by Whole Foods 365
Thin Crust Supreme Pizza by Whole Foods 365
  • This thin crust pizza by the whole foods market is an easy and delicious way to enjoy the taste of uncured Canadian-style bacon any night of the week.
  • I enjoyed this bacon with Italian sausage seasoned in a unique blend of bell peppers and black olives, then baked to perfection. It’s also notable that it can be ready to eat in just 5 minutes after you bake so that you can enjoy a healthy, delicious meal at any time.
  • It provides 15g of protein and 15% of calcium per serving. It can also be seasoned with a sweet and tangy sauce blended and then baked to perfection. Plus, uncured bacon is a good source of protein and vitamins known for its health benefits.

FAQs – Best Thin Crust Frozen Pizza

Which is the best thin-crust frozen pizza?

When it comes to frozen pizza, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Do you want a thick crust or a thin one?

Lots of cheese or just a little?

A simple Margherita or a pie loaded with toppings?

Luckily, there’s a frozen pizza out there for everyone.

Red Baron thin crust is an excellent option for those who like a classic pie. The crust is thin and crispy, and the sauce is flavorful without being too spicy.

Red Baron Pizza is hard to beat for those who like to load up their pizza with toppings. A frozen option will hit the spot whether you like your pizza simple or loaded.

Should I thaw frozen pizza crust before baking?

So, should you thaw frozen pizza crust before baking? The answer is: it depends.

However, if you’re making your dough, you might want to consider giving the crust a chance to thaw before baking. Otherwise, you run the risk of ending up with a challenging and chewy crust.

Ultimately, it’s always better to thaw frozen pizza crust before baking. But whether you thaw it first or not, remember always to preheat your oven before baking!

How do you make frozen pizza taste like delivery?

If you’re like most people, you probably have a frozen pizza or two in your freezer at all times. After all, it’s the perfect food for a quick and easy meal. However, one of the biggest complaints about frozen pizza is that it can often be soggy and unappetizing.

So how can you ensure that your frozen pizza is crispy and delicious?
The key is to preheat your oven to a higher temperature than you would typically use for a frozen pizza. This will help to cook the crust more quickly and prevent it from getting soggy.

You may also want to put the pizza on a wire rack to ensure that air can circulate through the crust.

These simple tips allow you to enjoy a delicious and crispy frozen pizza anytime.

Why should we buy frozen thin crust?

There are many reasons to buy frozen thin-crust pizza.

For one, it is a convenient way to have a delicious and nutritious meal without having to cook from scratch. 

Additionally, frozen pizza is often less expensive than buying pizzas from a restaurant or takeout. 

And most importantly, frozen pizza can be a healthy option if you choose wisely.

Look for brands that use whole wheat flour for the crust and are low in saturated fat and sodium. With so many reasons to choose frozen pizza, it’s no wonder it has become a staple in many households.

Final Words On Best Frozen Thin Crust Pizza

The crust is an essential component of any pizza. It portrays the taste, texture, and density of the pizza. Frozen thin crust pizza is a great way to enjoy a delicious meal without spending too much time in the kitchen. And when it comes to my go-to, I grab a Tombstone’s supreme crust pizza as it can support lots of toppings, or a BBQ chicken pizza by California pizza kitchen as a proper meal. 

But wait, pick on any flavors from Newman’s Own if you want to give 100% support to underprivileged kids. I’ve tried several varieties and have come up with my top three picks. If you’re looking for an easy dinner option, these pizzas are sure to please. Thanks for reading!