5 Best Frozen Fried Chicken Items To Grab On!

best frozen fried chicken

If you are absolutely fond of crispy chicken, then you are at the right place. Being a foodie myself, I have tried the five best crispy meat items that are available in the market, and I have listed those to help you find the best frozen fried chicken that will suit your preference and need. Keep on reading so that you can decide which one you should purchase.

Check out the list of the best frozen fried chicken

1. Stouffer’s Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

Banquets Southern Style Chicken Fried
Stouffer’s Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

The first one on the list is those from the house of Stouffer’s. The company deserves special mention since they do not incorporate any sort of preservative in its food items.

The items from this company are delicious and crispy. They are made with white meat, and they have also made use of smashed potatoes to provide you with a homemade style; they have also prepared the meat with gravy and seasoned it to give it the perfect texture and color.

They are also very easy to prepare since you need to wait for 25 minutes only to put them in your microwave for preheating them. Now, if you want to serve it instantly for your lunch, then you will have to wait for an additional 12 minutes so that the chicken and mashed potatoes get into the perfect consistency and provide you with a filling lunch.

A serving of this meal provides you with 22 grams of protein, which is quite significant if you consider your daily calorie intake. Also, the trays in which these are solved are made with recyclable plastic so that you do not suffer from any guilt of creating more pollution.

2. Banquet’s Southern Style Chicken Fried

Banquets Southern Style Chicken Fried
Banquet’s Southern Style Chicken Fried

The second one is from the house of the Banquet. The company has been providing its customers with top-quality sausages, gravies, chicken breast tenders, and also chicken pot pies. The southern-style chicken sold by the company can provide you with the perfect dinner option, and if you are fond of something creamy, then it is going to be the perfect option for you.

These items are served with mashed potatoes and sweet corn to provide you with a filling meal option. These are available in 286 gram of packets, and each serving provides you with 310 calories and 2.5 grams of saturated fats.

The only cone is that it contains some allergen ingredients like peanuts, eggs, shellfish, nuts, wheat, and soy items. So if you are allergic to these ingredients, it is advisable to stay away from this particular chicken item.

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3. Hungry Man’s Boneless Fried Chicken

Hungry Mans Boneless Fried Chicken
Hungry Man’s Boneless Fried Chicken

Our third option is sold by a company called Hungry Man. They make perfect pieces of boneless chicken at a very affordable rate. The 16 oz packet is available at only 3.74 dollars.

The only disadvantage of purchasing this will be the calorie count. If you are conscious about taking your calories, then you should stay away from this particular item since per serving will provide you with 780 calories which are quite high if you consider your daily calorie limit.

These items are perfectly seasoned with mashed potatoes and sweet corn. To add a crispy and native flavor to these items, they also incorporate chocolate brownies that are placed with the white meat between the crispy and golden brown patties. 

These are quite filling and can be a good option if you do not have anything to grab at your hand, and you are hungry. They can be a quick alternative to your traditional lunch or dinner options since they are very convenient to prepare.

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4. Banquet’s Original Style of Fried Chicken

Banquet Original Fried Chicken
Banquet’s Original Style of Fried Chicken 

Here comes the fourth option that you can go for. Banquet also provides their customers with an original version of crispy chicken that is particularly for those who are always in a rush and do not have enough time to get their meals properly.

These are perfectly fried and crispy chicken pieces that are free from any sort of preservatives, flavors, and colors to provide you with the genuine and authentic delicious taste of chicken.

Per serving of these items will provide you with 190 calories since they have seasoned it with vegetable oil and cornstarch. Though the outer layer of these crispy meat items is not something healthier, they can be a quick fix. It can be somewhat disadvantageous to those who suffer from allergies due to some sort of ingredients like milk, eggs, and soy products.

5. Tyson’s Perfectly Crispy Chicken Strips

Tyson Fully Cooked Crispy Chicken Breast Strip
Tyson’s Perfectly Crispy Chicken Strips

The final mention on the list will be the chicken strips by Tyson. These are perfectly cooked chicken strips that are deliciously crispy and minimally processed so that we provide you with fewer calories without compromising the taste.

They are free from any sort of artificial ingredients, and that is why you have to emphasize heating the items properly before consuming them.

You have to heat your chicken strips for approximately 12 minutes. That is a bit longer, and the only con is that it does contain an allergen which is wheat. Since they are not chemically or artificially processed, you might have to consume the chicken pieces within a short period of time.

FAQs: Best Frozen Fried Chicken

Are store-bought fried chicken items healthier than those sold in restaurants?

At restaurants, of course, you get to taste the pride and crispy items, but they are significantly unhealthy since the chefs often make use of oils that are rich in trans fat and saturated fats, and they also cook the chicken pieces for a longer period of time to make it extract crisp and delicious. The store’s items are considerably less unhealthy since they are made using vegetable oils, and they are not perfectly cooked or grilled. When you serve them, you tend to bake them rather than fry them.

Why are the fried pieces of chicken or frozen meat items soaked in milk?

Milk acts as a natural ingredient that can be the perfect enzyme to make the chicken pieces software and juicier. Also, milk can create a creamier sauce that will keep the roasted chicken software and tender for a longer period of time.

How to store the chicken items after purchasing them?

The fried meat items that are very available at the stores are perfectly packed that can be stored for the definite period of time mentioned on the back of the packet. If you want to store some of your chicken pieces for future usage, then you can wrap them in a baking sheet tightly and put them in the freezer for two weeks.

How much time should you need to fry your store-bought chicken items?

The best frozen fried chicken items can be cooked or heated for 22-30 minutes, depending on the ingredients that they have incorporated. Some of them are already available in preheated forms, and you will only need 10 to 12 minutes to get them in the perfect shape and texture.

Which ingredients play a crucial role in covering the chicken items for frying?

You will find different sorts of fried chicken pieces available in frozen form, and each of them is made using different types of coating ingredients. Some of them are coated with breadcrumbs, and some of them are also coated with corn powder. Some manufacturers also make use of refined flours to create a solid coating.

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Time To Get The Best Frozen Fried Chicken!

So now that you know all the different features and characteristics of frozen fried chicken items that are really available in the market, it is up to you to decide which one you should go for. Considering the price and calories in each serving, you can opt for the best one that will cater to your needs.